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We're More Than Just One Piece of Your Financial Puzzle

There's always "that someone" who people seek for answers and advice, who will put your interests ahead of their own, and is there when you need them.  "That someone" is us.

Dean Charles Associates, Inc. is an independent insurance and financial services firm that has been serving the needs of our clients for more than 30 years.  Barry Gessner, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner, is the founder and principal of the firm.

Throughout our existence, we have helped clients protect what they have already accumulated with proper insurance coverage and have helped them accumulate more and achieve their goals through financial planning and asset management.

Our financial planning approach is holistic in nature, looking at the whole picture rather than a small portion of it.  Our belief is that the more we know about our clients and the things that matter most to them, the better we can serve them.  We encourage our clients to share with us their hopes and dreams, values, hobbies, fears, and concerns.

Being an Independent firm allows us to focus solely on the interests of our clients, always putting them first by acting in a fiduciary capacity. Because of our extensive financial background, Dean Charles Associates, Inc. stands above other firms when it comes to the level of knowledge and wide array of available products and services we're able to provide.

Dean Charles Associates, Inc. is "that someone" uniquely qualified to help you realize your dreams.  Let us be your Trusted Advisor.  Please contact us to schedule a Free Consultation.

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